United for Healthy Living

United for Healthy Living is designed to help multiemployer funds optimize the use of resources for significant health-related challenges facing their beneficiary populations.

The new Adult Vaccination Awareness Campaign (www.ALL-VAX.org) will provide materials and information to help funds raise awareness of the importance of staying current on adult immunizations against the major vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs), as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other U.S. public health agencies. While we do a pretty good job of immunizing our children against the VPDs, adult vaccination rates against major VPDs have been described by CDC as “unacceptably low.” As the number of Americans who want or need to keep working until retirement age (or later) grows, educating adult beneficiaries on the importance and safety of recommended vaccinations makes sense – in terms of better health, staying on the job, and with the goal of reducing overall health costs. In addition, as of 2015, the CDC’s list of recommended routine immunizations must be provided by health care plans as a preventive service under the Affordable Care Act, with implications for multiemployer funds and beneficiaries.

United for Healthy Living incorporates the work of ALL-VAX with our ongoing initiative United Against Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease (www.UnitedAgainstDiabetes.org), designed to help funds address the growing challenges of diabetes, heart disease and associated risk factors in beneficiary populations.

About the NCCMP

The NCCMP is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1974 in response to a clear lack of understanding of multiemployer plans that was demonstrated by lawmakers during the enactment of ERISA. It is dedicated exclusively to the advocacy and protection of multiemployer plans, their participants and their families. The NCCMP has achieved an unparalleled track record of results and is looked to as the voice of multiemployer plans.

Since 1974, the NCCMP's mission has remained constant; to assure an environment in which multiemployer plans can continue in their vital role in providing benefits to working Americans with a minimum of regulatory or other interference.

The NCCMP monitors, on a non-partisan basis, legislative, regulatory and legal developments from conception to implementation to enforcement; effectively representing the interests of multiemployer plans and participants every step of the way.

By communicating with government officials, members of Congress and staff about the unique characteristics of multiemployer plans, the NCCMP has saved multiemployer plans hundreds of millions of dollars in regulatory and administrative costs. These savings enable your plan to remain financially secure and healthy, while providing enhanced benefits to plan participants.

Don't Wait — Vaccinate!